Things You Need To Remember About Your Bronze Cabinet Hardware

The beauty of a bronze hardware is that it gets better as it gets older. More like wine, you can say. In fact, there are two renowned types of bronze and these two are dearly esteemed for their beauty and elegance that grows in time. The first one is the imitation bronze that looks like the typical “antique” bronze cabinet hardware. They are not made from bronze per se but are typically brass material casted out by either chemical or paint process to attain the “brass” finish. The second one is the real bronze, which is made from genuine bronze. Although both can essentially look the same in the surface, real bronze hardware are heavier and much more costly.

Both the real and the imitation bronze hardware can have the same “antique” finish when first bought. But, the oxide patina on the real bronze will in time wear uncovering a polished bronze underneath. Thus, the real bronze will appear bright and silvery right after a long time compared to the imitation brass that will appear “antiquated” permanently. The use of real or imitation bronze can vary depending on your preference and your budget. But in general, choosing a bronze cabinet hardware would be perfect for any space and use.

There are many types of bronze hardware. And each piece can be used in your own way and innovatively. Oil rubbed bronze for instance appears in dark shade, with a deep and rustic lacquer. They are plane dyed rather than silky, making them the perfect option for country and rustic interiors. Bronze in particular are heavy in weight, that is why they can hold any heavy pressures and strains. They are also water proof, so they can be as much as a reliable sideboard hardware and bathroom hardware at the same time.

Although different types of bronze finish can vary on the upkeep. Bronze of oil rubbed finish for instance needs only to be wiped by a moist thin textile. If your oil rubbed bronze hardware is not lacquered on the other hand, add beeswax after wiping them neat to slow down its aging process. Always keep in mind that the application of harsh cleaning solution can tarnish the surface of your bronze hardware.

Another kind of bronze hardware is the highly polished bronze. These are very popular for its silvery, almost-golden varnish. Cleaning this items also requires merely a lukewarm soapy bathe. Do not be tempted to use any metal polish for pure metal surfaces like bronze could actually be tarnished by the chemicals from the solution. If you note any small blotching or creased castings with your bronze cabinet hardware do not flap. If it is a real bronze finish, it is the product of the sand casting process which in fact adds to the rare charm of its lacquer. Constantly wipe it with oil or lanolin to improve its gleam. If it is imitation bronze meanwhile, examine what might have been the source of such fleck. If it cannot be polished or wiped clean by a moist cloth, ask your local retailer about this.

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